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Welcome to Bombingham is a page-turner—an unflinching account of one Birmingham teenager’s struggle for justice in the face of vicious racial hatred, at a time when doing right could get a person killed. This gripping story will raise eyebrows, quicken hearts, and awaken minds.

~ Charles E. Collyer, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Zepp Center for Nonviolence and Peace Education, Chair of the Education Committee of the NAACP Branch 7014, and co-author of Nonviolence: Origins and Outcomes, 3rd ed.

A powerful reading experience. Welcome to Bombingham is set in the historical reality of early 1960s Alabama. The exciting plot follows a young person’s evolution from teenage anger and frustration at oppression and personal tragedy to a deeper understanding of the possibility of change. Especially helpful is the author’s afterword, reminding readers of Birmingham’s factual civil rights history and the role played by young activists.

~ Candie Carawan, coauthor of Sing for Freedom: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs

Welcome to Bombingham rings true on every page, bringing into focus a time both distant past and yesterday, a place so starkly real you can smell the smoke, where courage met hatred, determination stared down cruelty, light drove out darkness, and young people stood on the front lines of change.

~ Pamela Zappardino, Ph.D., Nonviolence & Civil Rights Educator; Co-Director, Zepp Center for Nonviolence & Peace Education

Rhonda Rucker’s devastating, gritty portrait of young African Americans struggling to resist fear and confusion to affirm values of justice and community against violent white supremacy in Birmingham, Alabama, gives us a powerful insider view of the ‘children’s crusade’ and the 1963 Southern civil rights movement.

~ Michael Honey, author of Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Sanitation Strike and Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign

In the style of a brilliant lyrical writer, Rhonda Rucker has combined characters -- their qualities and feelings -- the setting, and the times into a fantastically readable and intimate account that follows the spirit of Baldwin’s Another Country! Welcome to Bombingham is a masterful blend of news coverage and creatively fictionalized details of the modern Civil Rights Movement; voiced as the narrative story of Earl B; who, with other courageous souls, made America another country.

~ William Turner, Distinguished Professor (Retired) of Appalachian Studies, Berea College, KY, coeditor (with Edward Cabbell) of Blacks in Appalachia

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